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11 Cute Ways Of Saying Sorry To Your Angry Girlfriend !!

#7 – By surprising me with tickets to the concert that I always wanted to go.

Me excited = him forgiven.

#8 – By slipping a note under my bathroom door, asking me to forgive him…

There is something about handwritten notes that just melt your heart.

#9 – By sending me teary faced Snapchat filters…

Till I am forced to take his call, and agree to meet him, and sort things out.

#10 – By asking the radio jock to call me up and ask me to forgive him

Can’t stay mad with the entire city listening in, can you?

#11 – By sending texts to me like he’s my best friend, and telling me what a jerk my boyfriend is, till I actually start talking to him.

This little role play is quite cute, actually. And works like magic.

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