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11 Cute Ways Of Saying Sorry To Your Angry Girlfriend !!

“We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make-up.” T. Swift gets it just right. Ain’t this the story of our lives? Even though we have many silly, little fights with our beaus, we love how they try so hard to make up to us, later. Here are some cute ways they say sorry when we’re mad at them…..

#1 – By getting my favorite flowers delivered to my work place.

Because he knows I can’t stay mad with all my colleagues telling me that I have the world’s best boyfriend.

#2 – By getting down on his knee, and asking me to punish him for his crimes.

And pouting all the while, till I give in and hug him.

#3 – By sending sad smiles followed by crying eyes, broken hearts, unhappy boy emojis…

‘Coz he knows all he needs to do is to respond to him, and soon enough the fight will get resolved too.

#4 – By trying to cook something, but end up ordering Chinese from my favorite place instead

For he knows, food is the way to heart.

#5 – By talking to the dog!!

Him + my dog = too cute too handle.

#6 – By complimenting me about my old dress that he has seen me wear a hundred times.

Only to get me say that it’s an old dress and he is an idiot. Gets me talking, anyway.

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